Sunday, September 18, 2011

Swiss Franc Weakens This Week, Reverses Downtrend by Weekend

Swiss francThe Swiss franc was down for the second week as prospects of peg of the currency to the euro significantly reduced appeal of the franc a safe asset.

Franc’s Rally Fails on Euro-Peg Speculation

Swiss francThe uncertain economic situation on market creates great demand for safer currencies. Governments, worried by resulting appreciation, attempt to intervene to rein excessive appreciation of such currencies. Today, the Swiss franc was one of the currencies that felt pressure.

Franc Falls for Second Day on Risk Sentiment

Swiss francThe Swiss franc weakened for the second trading session as the positive macroeconomic data from Europe boosted stocks and commodities, reducing investors’ need for safety of the franc.

Franc Gains as Markets Return to Risk Aversion

Swiss francThe Swiss franc snapped its decline today as the speculation about potential slowdown of the global economic growth returned attractiveness to safe currencies.

Franc Falls as Bernanke Improves Sentiment on Markets

Friday, August 26th, 2011 Swiss francThe Swiss franc slumped today after Federal Reserve Chairman Ben. S. Bernanke spoke today, improving sentiment on markets, while rumors abound that Switzerland’s policy makers are preparing another action to weaken the Swiss

Franc Rallies as SNB Doesn’t Intervene

Swiss francThe Swiss franc gained today for the second day, snapping yesterday its three-day downfall versus the US dollar and the euro, as the Swiss National Bank hasn’t announced new measures to curb franc’s strength.

Franc Jumps as US Payrolls Show Zero Growth

Swiss francThe Swiss franc climbed today against the US dollar, extending its rally for the third day, after the non-farm payrolls showed that US employers weren’t adding jobs last month.

Record Drop of Franc After SNB Pegs Currency to Euro

Swiss francThe franc plunged today, posting the biggest decline against the euro in all times, after the Swiss National Bank decided to set limit of franc’s appreciation versus the euro.

Franc Considered Overvalued Even Pegged to Euro

Swiss francThe Swiss franc fell today against most major currencies as Economy Minister Johann Schneider-Ammann said that the currency is “massively overvalued” even after the central bank pegged the franc to the euro. The franc advanced against the euro today.

SNB Maintains Rates at Zero, Franc Strengthens

Swiss francThe Swiss franc rose today even after the Swiss National Bank left the benchmark interest rate at zero at pledged to maintain the peg of the nation’s currency to the euro.

Swedish Krona Down on Eurozone Optimism

Swedish kronaThe Swedish krona fell for another day this Wednesday as optimism in the Eurozone and negative releases in the Nordic country declined attractiveness regionally for assets in Sweden.

Krona at Two-Year Record on Outlook for Monetary Tightening

Swedish kronaThe Swedish krona rose today to the highest level in two years versus the US dollar on the speculation that the central bank would perform its monetary tightening plans and as the economic data was favorable.

Retail Sales Bolsters Swedish Krona & Bets on Rates Hike

Swedish kronaThe Swedish krona gained today after the report showed the retail sales grew more than predicted, increasing the probability of the interest rates hike.

Swedish Krona Reaches 10-Year High vs. Euro

Swedish kronaThe Swedish krona rose for the second day versus the US dollar and reached the highest level in 10 years against the euro on the speculation that the strong global economic growth will increase demand for Sweden’s assets.

Swedish Krona Gains as Economic Growth Exceeds Forecasts

Swedish krona
The Swedish krona strengthened today, rising to the highest level in two and a half years versus the US dollar, after the report showed that Sweden’s economic growth beat forecasts.

Swedish Krona Fell as Inflation Pressure Recedes

Swedish krona
The Swedish krone declined today as the inflation pressure weakened, reducing need for the central bank to increase the interest rates.

Swedish Krona Rises with Better Growth Outlook

Swedish krona
The Swedish krona strengthened today after the government raised its growth forecast for the nation’s economy, adding to reasons for the central bank to raise its interest rates.

Swedish Krona Surges to 2.5-Year Record on Higher Rates

Swedish krona
The Swedish krona jumped to the highest level in more than two and a half years after the central bank raised the interest rates to slow the inflation.

Swedish Krona Falls on Growth & Interest Rates Outlook

Swedish krona
The Swedish krona today fell against all its
most-traded peers as the government slashed its growth forecast for the nation’s economy, spurring speculation that the central bank won’t be able to increase lending rates.

Swedish Krona Falls as Manufacturing Declines

Swedish krona
The Swedish krona fell as the report showed that manufacturing in Sweden contracted last month, reinforcing outlook that the nation’s central bank would cut interest rates.

Important Week for US Dollar, Can It Confirm Bullish Trend?

US Dollar
Last week was very important for the US dollar because the currency reversed its bearish trend and strengthened versus most of its counterparts. This week can be even more important as it may confirm the trend or break it.

Forecast: Yen May Go Down on Intervention and BoJ Rates Decision

Japanese yen
The Japanese yen rose sharply on the last Friday after the earthquake hit the country, spurring risk aversion and demand for the currency as a safe haven. Today the currency slipped as the government and the central bank attempt to deal with the results of the disaster. Can the Japanese currency still profit from the fears, caused by the tremor, or it’s going to extend its losses?

Can Euro’s Rally Run Out of Steam?

The euro surged last week as the European leaders made some preliminary agreements about resolving the sovereign debt crisis. The improving sentiment about the ability of Japan to recover from the disaster also helped the currency. Can the shared European currency maintain its upward momentum this week?

Week that Can Define Future of Dollar

US Dollar
This week promises to be very important for the US dollar as there will be many fundamental reports, including the very important
non-farm payrolls. Will they confirm the tendency of the US economy to improve, increasing the probability of an interest rates hike? The answer to this question can define the behavior of the US currency for a long time.

USD Reverses Trend as Market Sentiment Shifts

US Dollar
This week has started with market sentiment turning to risk aversion mood and such sentiment may remain for the rest of the week. This can be both positive and negative for the US currency

Story of EU Debt Crisis Continues, Drowning Euro

EuroThe euro started this week very poor. The currency currently shows weak attempts to regain its footing, but most analysts have a very negative outlook for the euro in the near-term. The reason remains the same: sovereign-debt crisis.

Iraqi Dinar: Main Drivers & Redenomination

Iraqi Dinar
Iraqi dinar can be an interesting option for traders who look for currencies with great potential for profit. But such potential often comes with higher risk. How investor can predict performance of the dinar?

Future of the US Dollar with AA+ Rating

US Dollar
Following the Friday’s US credit rating downgrade by Standard & Poor’s the Forex traders are wondering how will the currencies react tomorrow and where will the dollar head during the next few weeks.

Intervention: Way to Weaker Franc or Bluff of SNB?

Swiss francThe Swiss franc is considered one of the most attractive currencies (if not the most attractive) nowadays as the strength of the franc makes it preferable as a safe haven. With all the financial turmoil in Europe and America the safety of the currency is in high demand among investors. But the Swiss National Bank announced last week that it’s going to take measures for taming the excessive appreciation of the Swiss currency. How this step will affect the franc? Let’s look at the history of the bank’s decisions to see how interventions usually affect the currency.

Forecast: Fundamentals Aren’t Favorable for Pound

Great Britain pound
The Great Britain pound fell during the previous week, but rose at the beginning of this week. Could it be a sign that the sterling is going to reverse its bearish trend? The currently available data shows that such case is unlikely.

Bank Indonesia Raises Borrowing Costs

Indonesian Rupiah
The increased the interest rates today for its third meeting in a row to efficiently fight the accelerating inflation caused by the growing food and oil prices.

Indonesian Rupiah Rises on Strong GDP Growth

Indonesian Rupiah
The Indonesian rupiah advanced today to the strongest level in almost three months as Indonesia’s economy expanded with the fastest pace in six years

Indonesian Rupiah Gains on Positive Growth Outlook

Indonesian Rupiah
The Indonesian rupiah advanced for the third day today on positive outlook for the biggest economy of Southeast Asia, caused by the inflow of foreign funds.

Worries About Europe Ease, Indonesian Rupiah Gains

Indonesian Rupiah
The Indonesian rupiah strengthened today as concerns about the European debt crisis eased, increasing appeal of riskier currencies.

Indonesia Intervenes to Support Rupiah, India & South Korea Follow

Indonesian Rupiah
The Indonesian central bank intervened, selling dollars, to support the Indonesian rupiah that was weakened by the pessimistic outlook for the currencies of the emerging markets.

Sheqel Gains on Interest Rates Swaps

Israeli new sheqel
The Israeli New Sheqel rose today as the difference between Israel’s and the US interest rates attracted investors to the currency.

Israel’s Sheqel Falls on Dollar Purchase Speculations

Israeli new sheqel
The Israeli currency had the sharpest fall in 4 months today as the government is likely to increase a dollar purchasing program to stimulate the national currency.

Chilean Peso Down on U.S. Economic Improvement

Chilean peso
The Chilean peso suffered with the side effects of positive reports in North America that attracted traders to purchase assets in the U.S., leaving emerging markets in a second plan for traders to invest their money, despite a considerable level of risk appetite in today’s session.

Chilean Peso Climbs After Earthquake

Chilean peso
The Chilean peso oddly profited from a natural tragedy that impacted the country in the first night of this month, as speculations suggest that the reconstruction process in the country, will allow the country’s economy to accelerate.

Chilean Peso Profits from Earthquake Damage

Chilean peso
The Chilean peso gained, cutting its losing streak, which it experienced for three weeks, on speculation that the government and insurers may start selling dollars, to pay for fixing the damage caused by the earthquake with a magnitude of 8.8 magnitude.

Chilean Peso Weakened by Turmoil on Global Markets

Chilean peso
The Chilean peso declined today versus the euro as the global equities and the commodity prices dropped, feeling the impact of the banking troubles in Spain and the conflict on the Korean peninsula.

Chilean Peso Falls on Low Economic Activity

Chilean peso
The Chilean peso weakened today against the euro as the industrial output and sales rose less than forecast and the mining production fell.

Chilean Peso Goes Up as Demand for Copper Increases

Chilean pesoThe Chilean peso rose today as the outlook for the exports of the raw materials improved after the US and China reported about the better-than-expected growth of the manufacturing.

Intervention Causes 20-Year Record Decline of Chilean Peso

Chilean peso
The Chilean peso dropped today most in twenty years after the central bank announced its intention to purchase $12 billion in the 
foreign-exchange market

Chilean Peso Rises with Inflation Expectations

Chilean peso
The Chilean peso rose today as the inflation is expected to jump to the highest level in two years, causing the analysts to scrap forecasts that the interest rates won’t be increased.

Chilean Peso Falls as US Economy Reduce Risk Appetite

Chilean peso
The Chilean peso fell today as the economic data suggested that the US economy is slowing, therefore reducing demand from investors for 
higher-yielding, but riskier, currencies.

GBP Falls vs. EUR with Consumer Confidence & Retail Sales

Great Britain poundThe Great Britain pound fell today against the euro and fluctuated versus the dollar as the signs that the economy of the UK is weakening made the sterling less attractive to Forex traders.

Pound Goes Down as UK Economy Slows

Great Britain pound
The Great Britain pound weakened against the Japanese yen and slowed its advance versus the US dollar after the report showed the UK economy grew with slower pace in the second quarter.

Forecast: Fundamentals Aren’t Favorable for Pound

Great Britain pound
The Great Britain pound fell during the previous week, but rose at the beginning of this week. Could it be a sign that the sterling is going to reverse its bearish trend? The currently available data shows that such case is unlikely.

Pound Profits from Terrible US Payrolls

Great Britain pound
The Great Britain pound gained against the US dollar as bad US
non-farm payrolls reduced attractiveness of the greenback. The sterling also moved higher versus the euro as traders are concerned about the European economy.